TeamViewer Tensor: 4 Ways to increase efficiency with Enterprise-level Remote Support

Enterprise Support teams are always striving for ways to be more efficient. To do so, there are 4 objectives that IT departments strive for: Lowering the mean time to resolution (MTTR), increasing uptime, reducing the number of incidents while keeping overall costs low.

With remote support software, such as TeamViewer Tensor, users can instantly connect with their IT technicians so that troubleshooting is done in real time, and even on pre-authorized unattended devices, which increases efficiency across the board. Some remote support software contains helpdesk features that can help you reach further efficiency in resolving technical issues.

Read on to discover four of the main ways that enterprise-level remote tech support can further increase efficiencies within your large organization.

 1. Real-time IT Support

With remote access and support software, authorized IT support can directly access and control employees’ computers or mobile devices to troubleshoot technical issues in real time. Employees don’t need to try to explain complex technical issues over the phone or by email, while IT isn’t required to schedule costly and time-consuming on-site visits. Plus, if using a device– and operating system–agnostic remote support platform, compatibility between the user and the technician’s operating system or device is not an issue. Support teams can troubleshoot instantly.

2.  Support Enterprise Employees Wherever They Are

With real-time remote support that supports all devices and platforms, employees can work remotely from home, on the road, or wherever they have at least a 3G connection, knowing that issues can be fixed quickly.

Authorized IT administrators can access and perform tasks like installing updates on multiple devices simultaneously without disrupting the user, which not only saves time for IT support—since they do not have to visit each device location—but also for the user, who can continue to work on their devices without disruption, providing a seamless working experience.

3. Tech Support Can Reduce MTTR

Through helpdesk features and real-time troubleshooting, remote support software can help reduce Mean Time To Resolution. With remote software pre-installed on both devices, IT technicians can connect to the device in question to fix problems, change settings and install updates. Some remote support software can integrate with existing ticketing and tracking systems to facilitate the troubleshooting process and lead to a reduced MTTR. Reduced MTTR translates to better performance for the IT department, more tickets per month, and reduced costs overall.

4. Supporting More Than Desktops and Laptops

Modern enterprise-level remote support software is no longer limited to employees’ traditional devices; support technology can now connect authorized technicians with access to everything from mobile devices and tablets to server rooms and data centers, or even hard-to-reach industrial components that require constant monitoring and maintenance.

With the ability to deploy repetitive tasks such as an update that solves multiple systems crashes simultaneously is extremely beneficial. The same can be said of engineers being able to troubleshoot technical issues on manufacturing machinery quickly and remotely, rather than losing hours or even days of equipment downtime or travel time and costs to be present, when it can be solved remotely.

The enterprise mobility solution TeamViewer Tensor was created for the specific needs of large, global organizations to solve all of these needs. Interested in a Demo or pricing? Contact your Lifeboat Sales rep for info!

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