Ransomware: Protection Against the Most Efficient Type of Malware

Ransomware, arguably the most efficient malware used by cybercrooks in recent years, continues to wreak havoc on a global scale, affecting everyone and everything, from regular Internet users to enterprises to critical infrastructures. So why do hackers still win? Because your customers are lacking the proper endpoint protection.

Ransomware operators have learned in recent years that attacks tightly targeting large corporations and national infrastructures yield much more profit than the mass attacks on random endpoints. At the same time, many of these large infrastructures still rely on unpatched, or even unpatchable, legacy systems that are highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The Damages of Ransomware

In the last couple of years, ransomware families like WannaCry, GoldenEye/NotPetya, GandCrab, Ryuk, SamSam and, more recently, LockerGoga, have inflicted tens of billions of dollars of damage worldwide, crippling businesses and critical infrastructures alike. A recent example is the attack on Garfield County in Utah, where officials resorted to paying ransom in Bitcoin to regain access to their systems and data.

How are your customers ensuring a ransomware attack doesn’t happen to them? Bitdefender GravityZone Ultra integrates layered next-gen endpoint protection and easy-to-use EDR platform to accurately protect enterprises against even the most elusive cyber threats.

How to Protect Your Customers from Ransomware Attacks

At the end of the day, attackers know that systematically hitting big targets will yield some who pay. With their insatiable demands, ransomware operators are giving themselves a huge leg up in the business. Therefore today, more than ever, it is important that organizations in the hackers’ crosshairs equip themselves with the knowledge and technology to detect and prevent a ransomware attack from unfolding. Sometimes all it takes is a good round of personnel training. Most cyber-attacks start with a phishing email, as was the case in Garfield County. The incident could have been entirely avoided had the employee known to spot the intentions behind the suspicious message in their inbox.

On the technology side, administrators must make it their top mission to ensure that data is regularly backed up and kept offline, away from prying eyes, in case a breach occurs. Next, administrators need a solid intrusion detection system that stops malicious traffic before it reaches endpoints. For enterprises, a layered security solution becomes a must.

Modern security solutions integrate layered next-gen endpoint protection and endpoint detection & response (EDR) to accurately protect enterprises against even the most elusive cyber threats, including ransomware, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and fileless malware.

Why should you choose GravityZone Ultra for your customers? Present your customers with Bitdefender’s cyber-security protection that excels where most products are too complex and resources intensive. 

  1. Incident Investigation and Response

Fast alert triage and incident investigation enables incident response teams to react fast and stop ongoing attacks (one-click to respond).

2. Big Data Threat Intelligence

Collect real-time data from over 500 mil endpoints to anticipate the emerging threats and to deliver instant protection against both known and unknown attacks.

  1. Modular Layered Defense

Advanced local and cloud machine learning, behavior analysis technologies, integrated sandbox and device hardening work as a highly effective layered protection against sophisticated threats.

  1. End-to-end Attack Forensics

Pre and Post compromise attack visibility enable security analysts to perform root cause analysis both on blocked attacks and ongoing suspicious activities.

  1. Accurate Next-gen Prevention and Detection with Automatic Remediation

Prevent and stop advanced threats from being executed on enterprise infrastructure. Once an active threat is detected, automatic response kicks-in for blocking further damage or lateral movements.

  1. Integrated SecOps

Lower the operational effort required to minimize the cyber risk by reducing the attacks surface: app control, device control, patch management.

  1. Single Agent/Single Console

Incorporate all technologies required to effectively defend enterprise endpoints and stop all cyber threats. Eliminate the need to run multiple agents and significantly simplifies deployment and operations.

  1. Cross platform Coverage and 3rd Party Integration API’s

Deliver consistent security across the entire infrastructure – Support integration with pre-existing security operations tools (SIEMS, e.g. Splunk) and datacenter specific technologies (all major hypervisors in the market).


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