AI Practitioners Guide for Beginners; Intel Software

“Determine a data strategy:

The business imperative for AI is firmly rooted in data – the currency of the future. By 2020, we expect over 50 billion devices and 200 billion sensors to join the internet, and this huge explosion of smart and connected devices will lead to incalculable volumes of data being generated. In 2020, it is expected that the average internet user will generate ~1.5 GB of traffic per day (up from ~650MB in 2015). This is certainly a huge amount of data … until you consider the machines:

A smart hospital will generate 3,000 GB/day
Self-driving cars are each generating over 4,000 GB/day
A connected plane will generate 5,000 gigabytes per day
A connected factory will generate 1 million gigabytes per day

This data contains extremely valuable insights for business, operations, and security that affected industries really want to extract, analyze and interpret in real time. Extracting value from that data requires all the AI tools at our disposal.

The first step on your AI journey is to prepare your data. And for that, when thinking of an AI business model, it’s imperative to focus on the entire data lifecycle.”

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