The Micro Focus Advantage


At Micro Focus, their innovation and focus is designed to help the customers enable Digital Transformation.  The 4 strategic focus areas below are what customers have stated matters the most to them.

4 main focus

Dev Ops: To remain relevant today where every business model in the world is being disrupted. Speed matters along with accelerating the pace of innovation. The customer needs speed without compromising quality or security… And business relevance is counted in minutes vs. years.

Hybrid IT Management. The fundamental job of IT has not changed… the need to perform the core IT Operations functions is still necessary but across a broader and more complex landscape. Digital Transformation and cloud first are mainstream and needed to be able to respond.

Security, Risk and Governance
Companies today are truly data centric enterprises and what matters is data. Protecting this data and using it to gain insight is a top priority.

Predictive Analytics plays a role. Every customer asks how they can unlock the power of their data to do real-time analytics at scale, turning data into insights and actions.

Micro Focus believes that the combined HPE Software and Micro Focus “Better Together” portfolio allows them to solve your customers’ needs across the Hybrid IT landscape.

To get a fuller vision and clearer understanding on where the Micro Focus portfolio lies within each category see below.


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