Nexsan Webinar- Storage In a World of Regulatory Changes

Join Nexsan on June 19th at 1pm EST for a 45 minute educational webinar on Storage in a World of Regulatory Changes.

The list of compliance regulations is increasing, with each new requirement becoming an additional challenge that has to be met. It’s not just storing information, it’s being able to remove the personal data without risking the storage and integrity of all the other data is equally as important.

Join this webinar to learn about the types of storage features available to help you meet compliance such as GDPR, CCPA, PCI-DSS, SEC-17a4, CJIS, HIPAA, SOX and more. Plus, get insight into tactics for protecting your data storage from ransomware.

Some of the key points to be covered in the webinar include the following:

  • Quick overview of top regulations
  • Things to Consider with a Hardware or Software Solution Approach
  • How to Address These Challenges
  • How Storage Can Be a Key Component of Your Ransomware Protection

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