Tintri by DDN is Assigned Patent for a Native Storage Quality of Service for VMs

Tintri by DDN, Inc., Chatsworth, CA, has been assigned a patent (10,318,197) developed by Sakdeo, Sumedh V., San Jose, CA, Lee, Edward K., Dublin, CA, and Salmon, Brandon W., Menlo Park, CA, for a “native storage quality of service for virtual machines.“

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: ”Techniques to satisfy quality of service, (QoS) requirements on a per virtual machine basis natively in a storage system are disclosed. In various embodiments, for each of a plurality of virtual machines a corresponding input/output, (I/O) request queue is stored on the storage system. Requests are scheduled to be pulled from the respective request queues and added to a corresponding storage operation pipeline at the storage system in an order determined based at least in part on a per virtual machine quality of service parameter.”

The patent application was filed on April 6, 2016 (15/092,345).

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Tintri all-flash storage and software is specifically built for virtualized workloads. Tintri replaces legacy storage solutions with technology that automatically manages an organization’s applications, so databases, virtual desktops and DevOps workloads all perform flawlessly. Customers plug Tintri in and walk away. As a result, Tintri has built a customer base of 1,500+ fanatical enterprises and an 81-point Net Promoter Score. Tintri is a wholly owned business unit of DDN, the world’s largest privately held storage company.

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