Unitrends Introduces New Direct to Cloud Backup for Unparalleled Data Protection and Effortless Recovery

Unitrends’ newest product, Unitrends Cloud Backup, protects your customers’ data with simple, secure cloud backup—no on-premises storage or local IT management required.

This new product empowers IT professionals in small and mid-size organizations and managed service providers (MSPs) to protect data that resides on endpoint devices and servers by replicating it directly to the Unitrends Cloud.

Unitrends Cloud Backup provides cost-effective, low-maintenance protection to safeguard vital employee-created data on workstations and servers against viruses, corruption, user error, and accidental deletion.

The Benefits of Unitrends Cloud Backup to Your Customers

1. Simple Protection for Today’s Mobile Workforce

Your customers’ workforce is distributed, but their IT staff and equipment doesn’t have to be. Protect end user and server data without the hassle of setting up an appliance or local storage at every office location. Unitrends Cloud Backup is the simplest way to backup from anywhere with Internet connectivity.

2. Flexible Recovery and Restore

Unitrends Cloud Backup makes it easy for your customers to recover lost files in a snap. Recover data with self-service software or get help from administrators. Restore files directly back to the original endpoint or to another media or device. Recovery can be initiated from any location with an Internet connection, including WiFi, so no one has to drive to the office.

3. Save Money and Reduce Complexity

Some recovery objectives require a full-scale backup appliance. Some don’t. In reality, your customers will have a variety of data protection needs but a limited IT staff and budget to accomplish it all. Simplify their data protection strategy by using Unitrends Cloud Backup for workstations and files that don’t need to be on a traditional backup appliance.

4. Simple, Predictable Pricing

Experienced IT administrators know that other cloud backup providers stick their customers with surprise overage or storage fees. Some vendors even charge extra just to recover data. Unitrends Cloud Backup has no gotchas, no fees, no overage charges. Protects up to 1 TB of data per endpoint, more than enough for most workstations.

5. Hands-Off Protection for Windows Workstations

Your customers are creating and saving key business data directly to their workstations. But these critical files often get overlooked in a typical backup strategy and are easily deleted or hit by malware. Unitrends Cloud Backup is a simple, cost-efficient way for your customers to protect and secure workstations and other endpoints connected to your corporate network, saving your organizations hours of lost productivity.

Are your customers ready for Unitrends Cloud Backup? Provide cost efficient data protection for their endpoints across the globe. Contact us today to learn more!

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