There is no “I” in Team, but there is in “TeamViewer Tensor Single-Sign-On”!

There is no “I” in Team, but there is in “TeamViewer Tensor Single-Sign-On”!

With TeamViewer Tensor, Enterprises have many Single Sign-On and Multi-factor Authentication Security Options – which is a solution match made in heaven.

And if you have enterprise customers who have to manage hundreds of employees and thousands of endpoints, then security upgrades have probably been painful for the past few years.

Not only is it time consuming for IT Departments to manage, but it is also costly and risky. As Cyber Security could be one of the biggest challenges facing these enterprise organizations, finding the right solutions to protect them from the vulnerability of cyber-attacks doesn’t have to be so cumbersome. Many enterprise organizations have had to deal with the threat of malicious cyber-attacks intent on stealing financial information, data, competitive information and even destroying property.  Some of those cases have been made public, but many organizations try to keep these types of cyber-attacks private to protect their reputations.  With no countermeasures or protection in place, the employees’ devices, their passwords and accounts are among the most vulnerable points for a potential attack.

Security is, and always has been, a critical component of TeamViewer’s approach. TeamViewer Tensor is the new enterprise platform that meets the highest security standards available. Not only does it tie in seamlessly with company’s existing infrastructure and integrations, but it is also Single Sign-On (SSO) compatible with various popular password managers. The implementation of an identity management solution and SSO is highly recommended to allow employees to securely log into all of their work accounts with the same secure credentials. Hassle-free SSO login is not only a timesaver for TeamViewer Tensor users, but it also saves administrative costs and IT resource allocation. With TeamViewer Tensor, you can easily provision new accounts across the enterprise. Using the same user management rules, passed on by your existing identity authentication provider, you can automatically apply company-defined compliance and security policies for passwords.  With these Security and simplicity in place, this will not only save your customers time, but it will also help them understand the importance of creating strong passwords and two-factor authentication.

TeamViewer Tensor Key Enabling Features:  

1. Single Sign-On

TeamViewer Tensor works with any identity provider that uses SAML 2.0 for cloud-based identity control. Therefore, it is compatible with existing SAML 2.0 identity providers, so your customer won’t have to keep logging in every time they switch applications and remember multiple passwords.  With one less password to remember, they can manage their TeamViewer Tensor credentials safely and securely with these popular password managers:

  • Okta
  • Azure
  • Centrify
  • OneLogin
  • MS Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)

2. Device-Agnostic Connectivity

TeamViewer Tensor supports Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, and multiple Windows versions.

3. Comprehensive Logging

With TeamViewer Tensor you can audit every connection made to and from PCs to the TeamViewer Tensor platform and all activities in the management console.

4. Mass Deployment & Silent Rollout

TeamViewer Tensor can be installed and updated silently on all your corporate devices by network admins with appropriate security access and interruption-free for users.

5. Conditional Access

Control centrally TeamViewer usage and access rights using a rule engine. Conditional access provides an additional layer of security for your corporate network.


Built from the ground up for large organizations and based upon the world’s largest remote connection infrastructure, TeamViewer Tensor scales linearly to the needs of your enterprise, providing the industry’s leading connectivity and real-time support tools in a convenient, ready-to-deploy highly secure SaaS environment.


TeamViewer Tensor Solutions:

 1. Centrally Control Remote Connections

Control TeamViewer usage, define and enforce access rules at account, group or device level. Now you can manage and control all connections centrally and restrict the connection type, with a dedicated provisioned infrastructure.

2. Provide End-User Support internally and externally at Scale

Consequently, the text below would need adjustments Software updates, security patches, system crashes. End-users face technical issues all the time. TeamViewer Tensor allows your enterprise IT support to solve technical problems quickly for your teams wherever they are, whatever their devices. You can deploy our solution in minutes to thousands of devices without interrupting users in their work.

3. Remote Access, Admin and Control of Servers

You are always just a few clicks away from any server, no matter where they are located. When it comes to managing and maintaining remote servers hosted in data centers, in-person management isn’t always the most cost-efficient solution. Enable permanent access to unattended servers with the appropriate permissions, assign user rights to remote servers to prevent unauthorized access and administer updates and resolve problems before they impact your business.

4. Empower Employees to Work from Anywhere, at Any Time

TeamViewer Tensor completely changes the paradigm of remote connectivity by allowing you to assign appropriate user access rights to employees so they can get full desktop access to their work computers and network servers, right from their mobile devices or laptops. No need to battle with low latency of VPN.

5. Remotely Manage, Operate and Support POS Machines, Displays and Edge devices

Companies operating a larger network of point-of-sale (POS) systems or digital signage solution turn to TeamViewer Tensor™ when they want to reduce downtime and travel costs. With TeamViewer Tensor™ preinstalled on remote terminals, support is minutes, not hours away


With TeamViewer Tensor, your customers can Save Time, Cut Costs, and Stay Compliant.

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