ShadowXafe 2.0 is HERE!

shadowxafe v1

StorageCraft’s next-generation data protection solution, ShadowXafe is now available through Lifeboat!

StorageCraft has upped the ante on both physical and virtual protection.  ShadowXafe raises the bar by expanding on features you’ve come to know and love with ShadowProtect.  This means the opportunity to fully optimizing standardization in your managed offering – one choice of technology partner bringing a right-fit solution for all your customer environments.  Check out the differentiated functionality brought to the table:

  • Flexible agent AND host-based protection
  • Protection for physical AND virtual environments
  • Powerful SLA-driven data protection
  • Recovery in milliseconds

Forward-thinking MSPs know the impact standardization brings to the profitability of your Service Desk.  And StorageCraft is proud to be first vendor truly empowering standardization in the hugely important data protection category.

If you’d like to see ShadowXafe in action, join us for our upcoming July 17th webinar, or head on over to our dedicated product page to learn more.

Standardize on StorageCraft.

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