The Redesign of Secret Server: What went into making Secret Server this good?

Thycotic is excited to announce the redesign of Secret Server!

In 2019, Thycotic has invested heavily in UX. They have built a team of UX and Human Computer Interaction Specialists to lead these initiatives. They are improving the UX/UI of all Thycotic products in 2019 as they continue in their efforts to remain the leader in usable security products.

Thycotic’s UX Team’s Goals focused on four areas to improve their products:

  1. Usability & Performance: Historically, usability has been an afterthought in the development of many cyber security products. However, research has shown that users often make mistakes when a software product is not intuitive to use. This can be catastrophic in security products. Our focus on usable security not only takes into account error reduction to make your network more secure, but also decreases the number of interactions a user needs to complete everyday tasks.
  2. Modernization: As technology evolves so does design, and it was time for Thycotic to update its product UIs to match their advanced technology.
  3. Simplicity: As Thycotic’s products have evolved and become more powerful, they’ve reduced the number of patterns they use, and streamlined their products into a common UX/UI. As they rolled out their new designs you will notice similar interactions and patterns.
  4. Accessibility: Inclusive design was another major goal of the redesign. Thycotic evaluated color contrast and typography to make sure that they are WCAG2 compliant.

Thycotic’s Design Process

Understanding Users’ Needs through User Research

The backbone of all Thycotic design is user research. During the Secret Server redesign, Thycotic spoke to over 70 customers. It was important to their team that they tested designs with a diverse subset of their customers, leveraging testing groups from different industries and sizes to ensure Thycotic created an improved experience for all our customers.

During the redesign of Secret Server, Thycotic leveraged multiple methodologies.

During the testing phase Thycotic leveraged multiple methodologies. With the first testing group they measured performance. Performance testing is a crucial part of a redesign process. Often what looks good visually can hinder performance, adding interactions that often slow down the user.

The second testing group explored users’ preferences of new UX/UI patterns. Thycotic tested users’ preferences through modified A/B testing, allowing users to interact with high-fidelity prototypes and guiding them to express their preferences aloud while interacting with the new designs. This is vital to choosing correct patterns that Thycotic is standardizing across product lines.

Thycotic also leveraged questionnaires that tested users’ attitudes towards old vs. new designs, applying significant testing on their findings; and conducted interviews with customers to gain more specialized knowledge around reports.

Secret Server User Feedback

Human Computer Interaction Research.

Something that makes Thycotc’s UX team stand out is their deep knowledge of research happening in the HCI field. They are constantly looking to this discipline’s leading scholars to see what insight they have on Usable Security, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, and Information Visualization and Retrieval.

Iterative Design.

Iterating off user feedback is a core tenet of Thycotic’s approach. When comments or issues start to surface, Thycotic quickly iterates, collaborating with the development team to implement the design revisions into our products. Being agile and responsive to customer feedback is a cornerstone in Thycotic’s design philosophy.

Thycotic’s Iterative Design Process Secret Server UI

What to expect moving forward.

Thycotic’s redesign process does not stop with Secret Server.The UX/UI team will be touching all Thycotic products in their portfolio in 2019. You will notice a unified look and feel with a focus on their design principles: Usability & Performance, Modernization, Simplicity, and Accessibility.

As always, please feel free to reach out to a Lifeboat Sales Representative with any questions or concerns about Thycotic’s design process, or anything else you may need assistance with :).

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