CloudGenix Launches CloudBlades Platform to Enable the Cloud-Delivered Branch

Brings cloud-scale economics to the enterprise remote office with the freedom to use any WAN, any cloud, and any best-of-breed infrastructure service

CloudGenix® the category leader in enterprise SD-WAN, announced the launch of its CloudBlades® platform for the secure delivery of best-of-breed branch infrastructure from the cloud. With the CloudBlades® platform, network (SD-WAN), security, voice, multi-cloud access, and operational tools can be delivered without additional hardware or software. Companies no longer need to compromise by using legacy hardware routers hosting mediocre infrastructure services. Enterprises can, for the very first time, deliver the entire branch as a cloud-service with cloud-scale economics and agility. They have the freedom to use any WAN, any cloud, and any best-of-breed infrastructure service.

As businesses look to transform their remote offices by taking advantage of digital, cloud and artificial intelligence, the old ways of delivering IT infrastructure simply don’t work anymore. Remote office IT infrastructure has to be reimagined to be cloud-delivered rather than based on complex hardware or software stacks across five important infrastructure categories:

  •     WANs have to be unconstrained and highly reliable
  •     Security has to be pervasive across multi-cloud, SaaS and data centers
  •     Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), voice and video have to be highly reliable
  •     Multi-cloud access has to be high-speed
  •     IT Operations have to be proactive

CloudBlades enables one-click, high-performance delivery of the above infrastructure services from the cloud, using best-of-breed providers in each category.

“Our applications and data are already moving to the cloud. Our remote office infrastructure needs the same elasticity and agility,” said John Trainor, CIO at Aaron’s. “The CloudGenix CloudBlades platform is helping us to modernize and become a truly omnichannel company. With CloudBlades we are able to deploy best-of-breed infrastructure services at our stores with zero additional footprint. Multi-cloud is here and now for us and CloudGenix has been a big part of making that possible.”

Traditionally, enterprises have deployed “hardware-blades” in a multi-function router or multiple appliances to the remote office. This approach limits IT infrastructure to hardware refresh cycles and places the burden of integration on the customer. With multi-function routers, customers suffer from vendor lock-in and must compromise their infrastructure with products that invariably suffer from poor quality and limited features.

“IDC has found that digital transformation (DX) drives a need for WAN and branch transformation,” said Brad Casemore, VP Research for Datacenter Networks at IDC. “In fact, any organization that wants to achieve greater agility, flexibility, operational efficiency, and better business outcomes will be compelled to pursue WAN and branch transformation as part of their DX strategy. Responding to this growing need, CloudGenix’s CloudBlades platform provides enterprises and service providers with a cloud-delivered branch that offers increased agility and flexibility through one-click provisioning of an array of best-of-breed network and security services.”

CloudBlades Platform

CloudBlades enables agile delivery of branch infrastructure services and includes the following components:

  • The CloudBlades platform enables API based integration of the branch CPE directly with various cloud infrastructure services. The Platform provides secure, authenticated API access to CloudGenix CPE and systems; a centralized API for programming the app-flow engine at the CPE; integration with the CloudGenix UI without any code; access to CloudGenix telemetry; and the hosting of approved CloudBlades.
  • CloudBlades: Individual CloudBlades provide pre-integrated delivery of various best-of-breed cloud services to the branch CPE, eliminating the need for complex integration by customers. Individual CloudBlades are created by CloudGenix as well as by partners, customers and other developers.
  • The CloudGenix Instant-On-Network (ION) is Intel x86-based, lightweight CPE at the branch, this serves as the branch enforcement point for CloudBlades, and can simultaneously host CloudGenix’s award winning SD-WAN products.

CloudGenix has developed a comprehensive set of more than twenty CloudBlades across various infrastructure services, including with Palo Alto Networks, Zscaler, CheckPoint, Symantec, Microsoft, Equinix, Amazon, RingCentral, ServiceNow, PagerDuty, Slack, etc.

“CloudGenix and Palo Alto Networks have delivered a secure SD-WAN offering that combines best-of-breed security and networking in an elegantly integrated manner,” said Nikesh Kalra, VP of Cloud Delivered Services at Palo Alto Networks. “With CloudGenix CloudBlades, enterprises can automatically deploy Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access and take advantage of consistent security policy and global low latency interconnect across branch locations of all sizes. Prisma Access is designed with an open architecture and provides best of breed security as well as SD-WAN middle-mile transport for regional and global deployments. The combined offering provides a highly elastic model for securing the modern enterprise even as customers adopt SaaS and multi-cloud at a record pace.”

Individual CloudBlades

With the CloudBlades platform enterprises can compose their branch with best-of-breed services knowing that they are pre-integrated and can be turned on with one click.


CloudBlades gives enterprises the freedom to use any WAN. When customers choose CloudGenix Autonomous SD-WAN, their WAN is unconstrained and highly reliable. CloudGenix Autonomous SD-WAN uses global intelligence to deliver performance and security SLAs for all applications over any WAN-type. By providing app-policies aligned to business intent, direct access to multi-cloud and dev-ops frameworks, CloudGenix SD-WAN delivers unparalleled productivity gains and cost savings compared to gen-1 SD-WAN alternatives.


To enable the delivery of Cloud-based security solutions, CloudBlades extends the branch perimeter to the closest Cloud Security node with high performance. CloudBlades available today include solutions with Palo Alto Networks, Zscaler, CheckPoint and Symantec.

Voice and video

Enterprises can confidently migrate from on-prem voice to Cloud-delivered voice and video knowing that CloudBlades provides the best SLA. CloudBlades available today include solutions with RingCentral, Skype, Fuze and Zoom.


To enable multi-cloud access, CloudBlades connects the branch to nearby high-speed multi-cloud backbones delivering the best performance. CloudBlades available today include solutions with Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Equinix.

IT Operations

To enable proactive IT, CloudGenix not only provides deep application and network visibility, but also provides diagnostics integrated with other analytics systems. CloudBlades available today include solutions with ServiceNow, PagerDuty, CloudGenix Clarity and Slack.

“The rapid adoption of cloud-based infrastructure services for the remote office is driving the need for improved WAN architectures. With the CloudBlades announcement, CloudGenix is enabling deployment of best-of-breed cloud services, while minimizing remote infrastructure footprint,” said Bob Laliberte, Sr Analyst at ESG. “CloudBlades provides a model to define policies centrally in the cloud and supports enforcement at the edge — making the cloud-delivered branch possible. Service Providers should appreciate the CloudBlades platform and growing ecosystem’s ability to efficiently deliver managed services to their clients.”

Customers and partners also have the freedom to build their own custom CloudBlades through the company’s CloudBlade Developer Program. CloudGenix will be announcing details of the company’s CloudBlade Hackathon events hosted in major cities worldwide.

“As businesses take advantage of the tremendous opportunity at the branch, they need a new model for the delivery of infrastructure services,” said Kumar Ramachandran, founder and CEO at CloudGenix. “Our CloudBlades platform allows enterprises to reimagine what’s possible. Not only do customers get the agility and freedom to choose best-of-breed, they also get to take advantage of cloud-scale economics. The days of the multi-function hardware router are officially at an end.”

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This post originally appeared on the CloudGenix Press Release.

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