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Micro Focus featured on the CRN Enterprise Application Software 360– read the full article HERE!


  • An Advertorial Highlight on Mike O’Neill – Micro Focus 5 Star Rated Program
  • An Advertorial Highlight on their Women of the Channel winner – Sheryl Wharff
  • A Video on the 2019 Micro Focus Partner program
  • The Micro Focus Partner Program Brochure
  • Micro Focus highlight information

Micro Focus Legal Entity Name Changes

As part of an ongoing effort to better reflect their Micro Focus brand and make doing business with them much simpler, Micro Focus will soon be changing many of their legal entity names from Entco, Entcorp, EntIT, or Entsoft.

More information on this change can be found here.

Get the details on the 2H FY19 North America Growth Benefit!

The growth benefit provides a semi-annual rebate to qualified partners in North America region (United States and Canada*) that deliver year over year revenue growth. Updates to the program include:

  • Gold partners are now eligible, in addition to Platinum
  • Growth will be calculated using combined Stack A and Stack B results
  • Partners with multiple entities in the US and/or Canada that are combined for leveling will also be combined for measuring growth attainment

Contact sales or email the Micro Focus Partner Program Team and learn how you can be making more money with Micro Focus!

*Lifeboat only distributes Micro Focus in United States.

Events: Micro Focus IT Operations Management Partner Business Interlock July 16-18

Please join host Darren Pozzi, from Market Development and the extended IT Operations Management Product teams for the Micro Focus regular quarterly interlock. The Interlock will be conducted over three (3) days: Tuesday, July 16th through Thursday, July 18th – Partner Technical sessions (8am – 10am PST)

These sessions will be divided into the following 30-minute topics. During which key members of the ITOM Product Management team will provide a series of deep dives into the ITOM portfolio. Please use the following links to register for sessions of interest:

  • Partner QBI Part One: ITOM Platform; Configuration Management System (CMS); Service Management Automation (SMA); Operations Bridge (OpsB)
  • Partner QBI Part Two: Data Center Automation (DCA); Network Operations Management (NOM); Operations Orchestration (OO); Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Partner QBI Part Three: Data Protection (DP); Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM); PlateSpin; ITOM Strategy with our Executive team

Topics Covered:

  • Current release highlights
  • Customer Appreciation Program (CAP) updates
  • Next quarterly release road map
  • Open Q&A

Looking for all events?

Go to Micro Focus Events for access to all of the upcoming North America events! Simply search the Region and Solution for a detailed list of available sessions, conferences and webinars.

New ArcSight Pricing Model and Impact To Partner Discounting

On May 1, 2019 Micro Focus introduced a simplified licensing and packaging model for ArcSight. Effective July 1, 2019 the following SKUs applicable to ArcSight appliances will be considered non-discountable. Any contractual discounts will no longer be applied to these SKUs:

  • APAA009CA :ArcSight C6600 Gen9 for Connector Hosting Server
  • APAA010CA: ArcSight E7600 for ESM-Gen9 Server
  • APAA011CA: ArcSight L7600 for Logger Gen9 Server

Why the change? As part of adjusting ArcSight’s pricing and packaging to align to current market realities, Micro Focus has separated the appliance into two SKUs. One SKU specifically for the hardware, and the second SKU specifically for the Software. The customer will still receive the appliance in a form factor consistent with how they receive it today. The user experience will remain the same from removal from the box, to deployment into production.

Why this change is required? There are a number of key reasons why they are implementing this change:

  • Customer Flexibility – customer may start out with a lower EPS and more easily scale up to higher EPS
  • Eliminating Express – the new approach allows for a seamless scale up from a low EPS (e.g. 100) to a high EPS (e.g.10k) with nothing more than a license key. No more complex exchanges etc.
  • Portability – One of current market realities is migration from traditional data centers to hybrid cloud environments. This approach will enable customers to start with an appliance and realize its benefits in traditional data center needs. As they migrate to hybrid cloud environments it will be possible for them to move the software off of the appliance and into the cloud environment with minimal to no friction.

What this means for partners? In terms of the customer experience as to what they receive there should be no difference from what it is today. When ordering an appliance, it will be necessary to identify the Hardware SKU appropriate for ESM, Logger or Connector Hosting. Then select the EPS tier for the appropriate product that aligns with the customer’s desired capacity. For example if the order is for a 2500 EPS ESM appliance the two SKUs required would be:

  • APAA010CA: ArcSight E7600 for ESM-Gen9 Server
  • SWAA255P9: ArcSight ESM Standard Edition 2500 EPS SW LTU

Micro Focus Partner Portal Walk through – If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out now!

Not sure where to find things or what’s available on the new Micro Focus Partner Portal? This overview will give you the details on what is available on the site and how to navigate to it. Click here to download your copy now! Or connect with our dedicated Micro Focus team at Lifeboat to assist you with the Partner Portal.

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