National Simplicity Day 2019

National Simplicity Day is celebrated every year on July 12. The unofficial holiday commemorates the life, times and work of American philosopher and proponent of simple living, Henry David Thoreau.

In our fast, ever-increasingly busy lifestyles, National Simplicity Day is the time to take a step back and begin to simplify our lives— especially our professional life!

As a value added distributor, we provide supply chain services and connect best-in-breed technology vendors with thousands of resellers around the globe to simplify the lives of all our partners, so we feel a special affinity for National Simplicity Day.

In observance of National Simplicity Day, we’ve highlighted a few of our vendor partners’ solutions that contribute to simplifying thousands of lives within the datacenter. Let’s begin…

The Diamanti bare-metal container platform delivers a broad set of benefits across the four main categories of speed, simplicity, efficiency, and control.


  • Deploy fully supported, enterprise-class container infrastructure in 15 minutes
  • Achieve 4,000,000+ IOPS per four-node cluster with bare-metal performance
  • Reach sub-100µs latency across cluster


  • Easy to buy: Each hyperconverged 3U cluster contains a full container stack, pre-tested
  • Easy to deploy: Each plug-and-play cluster requires no hardware setup, VMs, or OS installation
  • Easy to manage: Diamanti’s self-service model enables developers to manage container infrastructure without IT tickets
  • Easy to scale: Manage networking, storage, and capacity with a few clicks


  • Use 50% less infrastructure while accelerating performance
  • Achieve 70% lower TCO
  • Integrate easily with modern container, cloud, and open-source workflows


  • Manage container infrastructure without IT tickets, VMs, or hypervisors
  • Get predictable performance with integrated policy enforcement across compute, network, and storage
  • Maintain SLAs using container-granular QoS
  • Avoid vendor lock-in with open-source Kubernetes and Docker

ExtraHop provides enterprise cyber analytics that deliver security and performance from the inside out for added simplicity within the datacenter. Extrahop’s breakthrough approach analyzes all network interactions and applies advanced machine learning for complete visibility, real-time detection, and guided investigation. With this approach, we help the world’s leading enterprises including Hasbro, Credit Suisse, Caesars Entertainment, and British Airways to rise above the noise of alerts, organizational silos, and runaway technology. Whether you’re investigating threats, ensuring delivery of critical applications, or securing your investment in cloud, ExtraHop helps you protect and accelerate your business.

For some vendors, defense-in-depth is an empty buzzword. For Imperva, providing defense-in-depth security is a way of life, and our promise. With recent updates to our analyst-recognized, award-winning application security portfolio, we’ve increase simplicity by providing guaranteed DDoS attack mitigation in three seconds or less, and have greatly bolstered our ability to protect against bot-based attacks, especially account takeovers. We’re also extending protection from the network and applications to edge IPs and APIs, so customers can continue their digital transformation and cloud migration without fear.

All data is not the same. So, why should your customers back it up and store it on costly primary storage? Unlike legacy data management solutions that are costly, complex, require dedicated infrastructure, and often interfere with the hot and metadata paths, Komprise brings unprecedented simplicity, efficiency, and scalability to your customers’ data management. With Komprise, you can shrink backups, create low-cost copies, and transparently move cold, inactive files to cheaper storage solutions, which often delivers instant savings of 70%+. No storage agents, no static stubs, no hardware, and no changes to the data paths, which means there are no unnecessary costs, delays, or disruptions. With Komprise, your customers are simply free to make the most of their data and save.

At Sophos, simplicity is their mantra. Customers have complete control over all the security features they need all in one place, with none of the complexity. No need to reach for a manual every time an update is needed- they’re never more than a couple clicks away from completing a task. Simple means, SIMPLE, at Sophos.

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