Promotion: Cool Solutions with Tintri

Connect with Tintri and receive winning solutions and cool rewards! In just 30 minutes, we can illustrate how Tintri builds adaptive, intelligent storage for virtualized environments—with none of the limitations of traditional physical-first storage.

When you store your virtual machines on Tintri, they perform 6x faster, pack 10x more densely and take 98% less management, saving you time, money and sanity.

  • Take a 30 minute call and receive a complementary YETI Rambler Tumbler
  • Take a face to face meeting and receive YETI Roadie 20 Cooler
  • Send us your RV tools output for your current storage/virtualization project, and if qualified, you’ll be entered to win a free YETI Flip

To learn more about Tintri and receive your complementary reward, schedule time with us today! For more information please contact a Lifeboat Sales Representative today!

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