Rack Mount Kits from Rackmount.IT now at Lifeboat!

Rackmount.it Logo.jpg

Earlier in the week, the Rackmount.IT team came into our Lifeboat headquarters office to educate our sales team on their rack mount kits.  Simply put as this: You protect your phone with a phone case, why wouldn’t you protect your desktop firewalls with the same protection?

Rackmount.IT provides rack mount kits for desktop firewalls ,which are not typically racked, in a 19″ kit.  The kit provides cable management as well as front facing connections for easy maintenance when needed unlike traditional trays and shelves which are typically more expensive than their products.

Interested in learning about what specific products the Rackmount.IT kits support?  Here’s a quick snapshot but for additional information, CLICK HERE for a full list of data sheets!

Rackmount.IT kits.png

Special thanks for the Rackmount.IT team for coming out for the day!

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