Moving from on-premise to Privileged Access Management (PAM) in the cloud could be your next move

Are you considering moving from an on-premise PAM solution to one that delivers the security you expect for privileged credentials while still gaining the advantages of a cloud-based solution?

If so, you’ll want to take a few tips from Tim Enders, Senior System Engineer at Loyola University Maryland’s Department of Technology Services— the Loyola University case study can be viewed here.

About a year ago, Tim and his colleagues who manage IT for 5,000 students and 400 faculty at the university in Baltimore, discussed how they might take advantage of a cloud-based PAM solution. Tim had been a Secret Server on-premise user for several years. Secret Server had enabled his team to identify all service, application, administrator, and root accounts and reduce account sprawl. It also provided a secure, encrypted vault to store privileged credentials, along with ensuring passwords were managed and rotated consistently as well as providing an audit trail for access.

So, Tim didn’t want to give up the full featured capabilities of his on-prem Secret Server but was looking to lighten the administrative burden of his team when it came to maintaining hardware, upgrades and more. He and his CISO did a thorough audit of Thycotic’s Secret Server Cloud offering and concluded it could work well for them without sacrificing any functionality they’d grown used to with Secret Server on-premise.

Given the go ahead, Tim had the Secret Server Cloud environment set up in about a week and conducted the migration in only one day—all backed by Thycotic’s support team at every step. Here’s what he had to say about the transition: “We made a quick transition to Secret Server Cloud without a problem, and I would recommend it to any organization looking for a PAM solution in the cloud.”

Here’s a short evaluation check list to see if you’re a prime candidate for moving to PAM in the cloud.

Reduce time on maintenance – A lot of IT teams run very lean these days.  Avoiding server maintenance and software upgrades takes the burden off staff, giving them more time to devote to other, more productive tasks.

Pay as you go, minimize upfront investments – Cloud based solutions avoid the demands and hassles of getting permission for a capital expense in IT budgets already stretched to the limit.

Automatic updates – There’s peace of mind knowing you’ve always got the latest version installed. One less thing to worry about in your day.

Assure high availability and geo-redundancy from a genuine SaaS PAM solution – You can’t underestimate the confidence that privileged access will always be there despite service disruptions or outages.

  • Only 36 percent say they plan to keep their PAM solution on-premise

Thycotic conducted a survey of 200 security professionals at the 2019 RSA Conference in March and showed that 21 percent of companies have adopted a PAM Solution hosted in the cloud as-a-service or plan to implement such technology. And, an additional 26 percent are looking to transition to a cloud-based PAM Solution.

Only 36 percent say they plan to keep their PAM solution on-premise. The results indicate that organizations see a future with cloud-based security solutions and the majority expect to increase their use of cloud security solutions over the next 1-2 years. Cloud you be one?

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