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Whether you are a VAD, VAR, MSP, or ISV looking to deliver data management, integration and analytics solutions or a technology business, mastering software integration, consultancy, or custom development for your customers, WE HAVE ALL YOU NEED TO SUCCEED WITH Actian!

Partnering with Actian offers a unique chance to leverage a huge market opportunity. Businesses worldwide are pushing to transform themselves into digital enterprises. Bringing in partners who have helped others address the same challenges accelerates success and reduces risks during the transformation. Translate this business value into your own revenue opportunity.

Partner with Actian!

Sign up today to the Actian Partner Program today and…

  • Grow your business implementing and selling top-class solutions
  • Build a recurring revenue stream
  • Access a wide range of sales tools, marketing resources and training materials
  • Get extensive sales and technical support

New Partner Program with new key benefits and features…

The main objectives of the new program are to grow top line revenue for Actian partners, standardize the program across all product lines and attract new partners. Partners who invest and develop new business, open new markets and refer new business will be rewarded with competitive discounts, sales and marketing benefits and deal registration for lead protection.

Participation in the Actian Partner Program offers industry leading solutions and competitive pricing, an all-inclusive set of sales tools and marketing resources and a comprehensive support package, to help you grow your business. For a complete list of program benefits and requirements, check the Actian Partner Program data sheet.

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******* Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 at 5pm CET | 11AM EDT *******

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