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ABBYY FineReader is a versatile PDF tool which empowers information workers to efficiently manage documents in the digital workplace. It harnesses ABBYY’s AI-based OCR technology to make it easier to digitize, retrieve, edit, protect, share, and collaborate on all kinds of documents in the modern working world.

FineReader reduces inefficiencies resulting from a variety of causes: inaccessible, non-searchable documents and information; workflows that involve a mix of paper and digital documents; and tasks that require the use of multiple software applications. This allows information workers to focus on their areas of expertise, rather than the intricacies of their administrative tasks.

Why upgrade to FineReader 15?

What sets FineReader 15 apart?

  • Instant background recognition makes non-searchable PDFs immediately accessible for working with them
  • Highly efficient comparison of documents in different formats, including non-search-able scans
  • Vast number of recognition languages, including intelligent detection of the document language and multilingual document support
  • Industry leader in OCR with exceptional con-version accuracy and layout retention
  • Advanced document digitization and con-version with the OCR Editor
  • Superior accuracy for table conversion and extraction

Key Features

ABBYY FineReader PDF offers a comprehensive toolset to simplify the experience of working with documents in a variety of formats – whether digital by origin or digitized from paper.

If your organization is adopting a smarter PDF solution, you may be working hard to understand what options are best for your business. To learn the advantages of FineReader and how ABBYY’s versatile PDF tool can help your team achieve its objectives quickly and easily, click here.

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