Three Reasons to Protect Your Nutanix Environment. Now.

Target. Amazon. Equifax. The City of Baltimore. The City of Atlanta.

What do they have in common? They have all experienced a data breach or outage that negatively affected their reputations and their customers or constituents.

No entity is invincible, even with the best security software. But, making sure your customers have an airtight business continuity and disaster recover (BCDR) plan is a simple step to help give them peace of mind that their data will be protected against natural and man-made disasters. Consider the following reasons why your customers should have a data protection solution that works for their hyper-converged infrastructure.

Protect their reputation and their revenue

Consider this: your company is hit with a data breach, exposing private customer data. The news hits the wire and if you lack a BCDR plan, chaos ensues. Your stock price tumbles, your IT department scrambles to correct the vulnerability, your PR team throws together a statement to appease the situation. When disaster strikes a business, whether natural or man-made, the impacts of downtime can have a ripple effect throughout the whole organization. The negative effects can go beyond financial. Downtime can cause a blow to your reputation, a loss in productivity, and a hit to your stock value and shareholder confidence. Implementing a BCDR plan on how to properly handle disasters before, during and after can give you peace of mind that your data, reputation, and revenue will be safe.

Safeguard against ransomware and hackers

Today’s hackers and ransomware viruses are more sophisticated than ever. Data is a highly sought-after commodity, and if you’re not properly protected, you could be forced to choose between rewarding the cyber extortionist or weathering the financial burden. For local governments recently hit by ransomware attacks, the negative effects go far beyond financial impact to taxpayers.

Ensure regulatory compliance

GDPR. HIPAA, PIPEDA. NPPs. The global alphabet soup of privacy regulations can make anyone’s stomach turn. But fall into non-compliance, and the governing agencies know exactly how to hit you where it hurts – your corporate pocketbook.

Learn how Arcserve protects Nutanix environments

Nutanix delivers solutions that enable multi-cloud architects, built on powerful hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) technology to integrate compute, virtualization, storage, networking and security. And with the stakes so high in today’s digital economy, protecting these virtualized environments is critical. Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) offers full protection of onsite, virtual, cloud and SaaS-based workloads – including Nutanix AHV.

Reach our to your Lifeboat rep to learn how you can help your customers easily implement a complete DR and backup strategy for your Nutanix AHV-based IT infrastructure with Arcserve.

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