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International Programmers’ Day is celebrated every year on September 13th. The unofficial holiday celebrates the achievements of the thousands of programmers around the globe whom have helped improve our everyday lives.

There’s hardly a person in the civilized world who doesn’t benefit from the innovative and technological advancements that all programmers’ have contributed towards.

As a value-added distributor, we provide supply chain services and connect best-in-breed technology vendors with thousands of resellers around the globe to improve and simplify the lives of all our partners and their end-users, so we feel a special affinity for International Programmers’ Day.

In observance of International Programmers’ Day, check out how Chef Infra improves and simplifies thousands of lives within the datacenter.

Chef Infra automates infrastructure configuration, ensuring every system is configured correctly and consistently.

Chef Infra is a powerful automation platform that transforms infrastructure into code. Whether you’re operating in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment, Chef Infra automates how infrastructure is configured, deployed, and managed across your network, no matter its size.

Ensure Standardized and Continuously Enforced Configurations

Confidence Through Testable Code- Manage Configurations by defining infrastructure as code making the process of managing configurations automated and testable.

Enforce Consistent Configuration- Per-deployment differences are accounted for dynamically, reducing duplicated effort between teams and environments, ensuring consistent configurations across the development lifecycle.

Repeatable Process to Eliminate Drift– Ensure configurations only change if a system diverges from the desired defined state. Automatically correct configuration drift, but take no action on properly configured systems.

Customizable Code for Extreme Flexibility- Use simple declarative definitions for common administrative tasks. Built for customizability, making it easily extended to support even the most unique environmental requirements.

Painless Migration and Management- Provides a single process to manage on-premises and cloud estates. Configure a variety of cloud-based SaaS services, and integrate cloud provisioning APIs as well as third-party software.

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