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No Web-Based or Mobile App Should be Deployed Without This One Thing

Join us this Thursday, at 2PM EST, for an upcoming Micro Focus Webinar!  Just for attending, partners are eligible to receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

When your customer introduces a new web or mobile application into their environment, they take on a big risk. Will the implemented solution support the usage load? Will performance ruin the user’s experience? Not knowing the answer can have costly consequences.

But now, knowing is easy, when you incorporate Micro Focus StormRunner into your practice.

Join us for a brief webinar on Sep 19, 2019 at 2 PM ET to learn the four key reasons why you should be providing your customers with the assurance they need, for the business outcome they require.


*Must be a reseller partner and attend at least half the webinar to be eligible for payouts.
*DMR’s welcome to attend webinar, however, not all DMR’s will not be eligible to receive $25 Amazon payout (reach out to your Micro Focus rep or Jaci Sutton with any questions).

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