Expand your practice with compelling solutions with Micro Focus


Bridging Now and Next

Expand your practice with compelling solutions with Micro Focus. When the competitive ground shifts, your customers need to be ready. By bridging the gap between existing and emerging technologies, Micro Focus’ software helps customers innovate faster, with less risk, on their path to digital transformation.

Micro Focus Portfolios/ Partner Program Information

Security, Risk, and Governance

Secure what matters most—identities, applications, and data. The risk landscape is evolving. Apps and processes are full of unforeseen risks. And privacy and compliance requirements are mounting. Take a holistic, analytics-driven approach to securing what matters most—identities, applications, and data.

Enterprise DevOps

Build and deliver better software faster. Unleash the power of DevOps across hybrid IT—quickly bringing innovative ideas to life at the pace your business demands. Test early and often to correct defects, risks, and architectural issues continuously and with full traceability.

Hybrid IT Management

Operate with agility. Master hybrid IT with new agility—bridging traditional and transformational IT services from mainframe to mobile, from corporate to cloud. Reduce costs, accelerate processes, and gain actionable insights with automated monitoring, analytics, and remediation by Operations Bridge.

Predictive Analytics

Accurate predictions, actionable insights, and automated discovery. Can you transform volumes of high-growth disparate data into accurate and actionable predictive insights—all with automated discovery? Your competitive advantage depends on it.

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