Xafe is the new Safe- It’s time to Standardize on StorageCraft.


Suit Up:  The Fight Against Ransomware

It’s not if, it’s when…you or your customers will be hit with ransomware.  Today, ransomware is the fastest growing cybercrime category:

  • Global ransomware costs are expected to reach $20B by 2021 (57X more than in 2015)
  • A business is attacked by ransomware every 14 seconds (expected to rise to every 11 seconds by 2021)
  • 77% of organizations infected with  ransomware were running up-to-date endpoint protection

Here’s an opportunity to leverage StorageCraft’s exclusive Ransomware Recovery Solution.

Free Data Protection. Free Remote Replication. Free Encryption-at-Rest.

  • ShadowXafe – Next-generation data protection.  Should ransomware strike, recover customer data INSTANTLY from booted back up images
  • Cloud Services – True DRaaS.  Build a complete DRaaS solution into your offering, replicate backups to the StorageCraft purpose-built cloud, where ransomware is stopped in its tracks
  • OneXafe – Intelligent converged data management unifying world-class data protection and scale-out storage.  Ransomware proof.

StorageCraft Recovery Recovery Bundle – OneXafe 4412*

  • 120TB storage
  • Three years premium (7 X 24) support
  • Free – three years Data Protection of unlimited number of VMs and physical servers
  • Free – three years of Remote Replication
  • Free –  three years of Encryption-at-rest for data security
  • Add comprehensive DRaaS at $0.05/GB/month*

Learn more about the StorageCraft Recovery Bundle:   www.storagecraft.com/ransomware

Xafe is the new Safe – it’s time to Standardize on StorageCraft. Connect with Lifeboat today!

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