Flexera AdminStudio- 50% off!

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AdminStudio 2019 Just Keeps Getting Better

Are your customers current on their AdminStudio maintenance and support agreement? For a limited time only, you can help them save half the cost of getting their licenses current.

If your customer’s maintenance and support agreement has lapsed longer than 90 days, they’re eligible for Flexera’s 50% discount on AdminStudio 2019.*


And did you hear that Flexera just released their new Package Feed Module?  When coupled with AdminStudio 2019, the module offers:

  • The largest resource of its kind on nearly 3,000 installers to help your customers create deployment packages faster
  • Version validated command line parameters directly within AdminStudio, which will save your customers time from researching and testing vendor setups
  • Easier and quicker packaging


Connect with Lifeboat for additional information.

*Terms and Conditions below.

  • License must be lapsed more than 90 days.
  • A maintenance and support agreement is required
  • Offer ends December 31, 2019

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