Drive the Technical Decision for Unitrends and Earn $250

Unitrends has added an incentive to their UniRewards program specifically for partner presales technical team members! This applies to SEs, (Sales Engineers) SAs, (Solutions Architects) etc.

Partner SEs that help establish Unitrends as the superior technical solution on an opportunity (what Unitrends refers to as the “Tech Win”) will earn themselves $250.

To qualify for the bonus:

  • The opportunity must originate from an approved deal registration
  • The opportunity value must be greater or equal to $25,000
  • The partner SE/SA should be listed on the deal registration within the Secondary Contact fields

Eligible Partner SEs/SAs, will receive payments via XTRM. This is the payment processing solution used by Unitrends. You can access XTRM and setup an account through the XTRM link within the Unitrends Partner Portal. All UniRewards payouts are made the month following when they were earned.

Looking for more information on the Unitrends Tech Win Bonus? Contact us today!

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