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Speed is growing more and more rapidly in today’s world; people want things fast. Fast food, fast shipping and most of all, fast internet. There have been many changes in networks over the past few years, none more important than software-defined WAN or SD-WAN, which is changing how network pros think about optimizing the use of connectivity.

What is SD-WAN you might ask? SD-WAN’s use software to control the connectivity, management and services between data centers and remote branches, or cloud in certain cases.

GFI offers one of the best SD-WAN’s on the market: Exinda SD-WAN. Exinda SD-WAN enables cost-effective internet access and network solutions for any size business, apartments, hotels and other multi-tenant buildings.

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Just a few of the many benefits of Exinda SD-WAN are:

  • Downlink/Uplink Bonding in Peered Mode
    • Binds internet access lines for all types of traffic for aggregated downlink and uplink capacity. Two appliances can be used in the case of multi-site offices or else one can rely on our cloud hosted Amazon AWS.
  • Strong AES Encryption
    • Exinda SD-WAN bonding tunnels have built-in security option with AES 256 encryption.
  • Transparent Zero-touch Installation
    • The existing Local Area Network does not require any changes. You do not need coordination, new equipment or software from the Internet Service Providers. A remotely accessible browser-based interface provides quick and easy management and system monitoring.
  • Dynamic DNS Load Balancing
    • You can configure Exinda SD-WAN to provide dynamic DNS load-balancing for inbound requests for internally hosted servers such as web-server, FTP-server, mail-server, etc.
  • Cellular 3G, 4G, LTE WAN Connection
    • Exinda SD-WAN supports 2 USB ports for cellular 3G/4G/LTE data cards. The cellular WAN links can be configured as fail-over or always on.

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