Kaleao’s Restructured Mission of Sustainability as Bamboo Systems

Kaleao announced on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, that it has rebranded and become Bamboo Systems to serve as the architecture for the future of sustainable data centers. The new Bamboo Systems management team is led by Tony Craythorne, CEO, John Goodacre, Chief Scientific Officer, Stewart Gallacher, COO, and Geoff Barrall, Executive Chairman.

Bamboo Systems aims to break into the data center market, which has seen little sustainability. Power demand by data centers accounts for nearly 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions, with power consumption expected to increase by 5x within the next five years, as Tony Craythorne, CEO, Bamboo Systems asserts. “The world’s power grids cannot support the data centers planned for the next five years without a dramatic shift in server design, and Bamboo Systems will lead the industry in meeting this market challenge.”

Bamboo Systems data centers are designed for the future boasting hyper-scale performance while consuming one-quarter the power of today’s servers, one tenth of the space and at a third of the typical price.

“Bamboo Systems and its new management team are dedicated to changing the future of data center design. ARM has become the architecture of choice for every industry that faces power challenges and we have created a revolutionary server design that brings the energy efficiency, compactness and the scalability of mobile ARM to the data center,” said Tony Craythorne.

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