Nitro Software Announces it’s Successful $110 Million IPO on ASX!

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On December 11th 2019 Nitro Software Limited commenced trading of it’s shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). With this announcement they are officially a publicly traded company, trading under code “NTO”.

With 15 years under their belt Nitro looks forward to another 15 of continued growth and prosperity. They envision a world without paper forms and signatures, where the workflow is 100% digital documents allowing productivity to soar.

Nitro’s Co-Founder and CEO Sam Chandler is proud of where the company started, and where he foresees it is going from here.

“Having founded the Nitro business in Melbourne a decade and a half ago, I am thrilled that we are listing Nitro in the Australian market today.”

“I am proud of the business we have built, based on a foundation of making document productivity easy, powerful, affordable and available to all. Our ambition has always been strong, and our potential is enormous as we support customers around the world, both large and small, in their digital transformation journey.

Read more about their exciting expansion and IPO here:

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