What’s New with Corel Painter 2020

Painter 2020 offers realistic Natural-Media® and unique digital art brushes that dynamically respond to stylus movements and canvas textures, resulting in magnificently authentic brushstrokes. Best of all, there’s no waiting for paint to dry, no limit to media mixing, no running out of supplies, no toxins and no mess!

What’s new with Painter 2020?

  • Color Harmonies
  • Color ramps in sliders
  • Mirror & perspective tools in brush property bar
  • Narrow Brush Selector
  • Single access point brush editing
  • UI shape and media distinction
  • Universal color picker
  • Clone color mode from all color UI
  • Brush Accelerator
  • GPU acceleration for stamp brushes
  • Fast and Simple performance brush category
  • Fast and Ornate performance brush category

Here at Lifeboat, we had a blast testing out the product during Corel’s Annual Holiday Webinar. Check out some of our masterpieces below!

Want to test it out yourself? Download Corel’s 30-day free trial here.

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