Cybersecurity Evolve Tour 2020 from Sophos

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Go inside the mind of a hacker to learn how to outsmart adversaries and eliminate threats.

Staying ahead of today’s cyber criminals demands you evolve your cybersecurity. Start with the most powerful protection, powered by advanced artificial and threat intelligence, to stop more threats, improve visibility, and quickly identify indicators of compromise.

In just a couple of hours, gain the insight you need to stop breaches and beat the hackers:

  • Evolved Threat Landscape: Latest cybersecurity trends from the experts at SophosLabs.
  • You’ve Been Hacked: Experience a live hack and threat hunting techniques.
  • Cybersecurity as a System: Tips to transform the way businesses can be protected.
  • Reinventing Cloud Security with AI: Answers to security and visibility challenges.

Sophos Cybersecurity Evolved Tour for 2020!

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