Sandy DeVico joins Lifeboat!

Lifeboat is proud to announce the addition of Sandy DeVico to our team;

From Dale:

“Please join me in welcoming Sandy DeVico to the Lifeboat Team.  Sandy will be our new Director of National Accounts supporting SHI. Sandy spent two decades building a profitable, high growth business introducing new brands at SHI. I know that the success she has had at SHI and relationships that she built along the way will make her a perfect fit at Lifeboat. Sandy really represents a personal step in our strategy to be the premiere distributor focused on emerging technologies.”

From Sandy:

“I look forward to growing on the success Lifeboat has had over the years working with SHI. I truly understand what drives SHI’s teams, It’s how well you connect the right technologies to the right customer environment for an optimal operating experience and having that trusted advisor on your side to guide you through.”

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