What Does Cloudian Do and What Benefits Do They Bring to Your Customers?

Organizations in every industry generate exponentially more volumes of unstructured data than ever before. Businesses of all shapes and sizes require storage solutions that help with the explosive growth in unstructured data. Object storage offers unique capabilities to meet these needs.

Break through the capacity barrier with Cloudian! Provide your customers with a solution that allows them to gain simplicity and one-click data management in their data center, across sites, around the world, or in the cloud. Cloudian’s limitless capacity, global data fabric and single management view lets them do more, at less cost, and derive more value from their data.

How Can Your Customers Take Advantage of Cloudian Storage?

  • Data Protection

Cloudian provides fast, reliable, on-premises storage for backup and archive data. The platform starts small and scales to an exabyte without disruption or downtime, so your customers can buy what they need now and in the future. They get an easy-to-use scale out solution at 70% less cost than purpose-built appliances and 30% less cost than tape.

  • Media and Entertainment

Your customers’ active archive is a vital part of their media asset management workflow. They need scalable and cost-effective capacity to accommodate formats such as 4K, 8K, and VR/360. Additionally, they need media to be instantly available to keep up with time-pressured schedules. Cloudian® meets this challenge with a cost-effective, disk-based active archive.

  • Storage-as-a-Service

If your customers are looking to offer S3-compatible storage services, object storage is the ideal solution. Cloudian provides features such as quality of service controls, multitenancy, and billing to make services easy to manage.

  • File Services

Files and objects are easily combined in a single pool, delivering scale and cost savings benefits vs. traditional file platforms. Faster than cloud and more cost-effective than enterprise, your customers can take advantage of object storage as the advanced file services option.

  • Healthcare

Object storage integrates seamlessly with PACS systems and vendor neutral archives (VNA) to provide healthcare professionals with a unified view of all patient data. Object storage is about one-third the cost of the proprietary storage systems commonly employed for healthcare storage.

  • Video Surveillance

With 4K cameras, higher frame rates, and longer retention periods, security personnel need exponentially more storage than in the past. Object storage is proven with video management software and provides a scalable, affordable solution for video surveillance.

  • Artificial Intelligence

For rapidly expanding learning databases, your customers need a storage system that can start small and grow limitlessly and affordably. Object storage provides the ability to scale on-site and to use the cloud to flex with your needs.

Are your customers ready to hyperscale storage for limitless capacity growth? Click here to learn more about Cloudian.

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