Why should you care about Patch Management?

Your customers might thing they have all of their bases covered when it comes to protecting their network. But did you know that only one unpatched device puts an entire IT infrastructure at risk. There are threats and vulnerabilities that will try every angle possible to breach your customer’s organization. TeamViewer has a simple solution for keeping them safe!

Patch Management by TeamViewer is an integrated solution to not only detect, but also patch vulnerable, outdated software. It will keep your customer’s IT network safe and up-to-date by automatically evaluating, detecting and applying Windows OS and 3rd party application patches (over 200), keeping you covered!

If you are thinking, this sounds too good to be true… Don’t fret! It’s not that complicated! However, it is quite simple and easy to use, comprehensive and nimble. TeamViewer’s Patch Management solution is not only comprehensive, but it’s also intuitive. It is included in the TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Management product and supports hundreds of 3rd party applications. With Patch Management by TeamViewer, your customers will not have to spend hours familiarizing themselves and their staff with a complex solution. They can quickly see the update statuses of their entire endpoint’s devices, and all available patches from one convenient dashboard!

Benefits include:

Windows Updates: Keep your Windows devices up-to-date by managing and deploying Windows updates from a central locations.

Custom Policies: Define individual policies to accommodate the varying needs of your end-users, entire departments, or different customers.

3rd Party Applications: Don’t put your IT at risk by only focusing on OS updates. Monitor and deploy patches for 3rd party applications automatically.

Automation: Automate your patching process! Automatically detect and patch software and OS vulnerabilities and use your time elsewhere!

Easy Roll Out: Fully integrated into TeamViewer, all it takes is the click of a button to simply roll-out your new patch management solution remotely.

Intuitive Interface: See the updated statuses of your devices, and all available patches from one convenient dashboard.

Lets start a conversation and see how we can help your customers safe in a potential outdated environment.  Want to get a Demo or have questions? Contact us!

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