Bare-Metal Performance, Cloud-Native Flexibility

Containers, Kubernetes, and other open-source technologies accelerate application development, but if your customers try running Kubernetes in production, their legacy IT infrastructure most likely will not be able to keep pace.

Diamanti has a better idea for your customers!

They align developer and IT operation workflows to deliver the ease-of-use and time-to-market outcomes that both teams demand. Deploying Kubernetes infrastructure is hard but Diamanti makes it easy.

What’s Really in It for Your Customers?

  • 15-minute bare-metal deployment
  • Kubernetes certified
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Integrates with cloud-native ecosystem
  • Easy to manage and scale
  • Real-world 1,000,000 IOPS per 1U
  • Consistent sub-100µs latency
  • Industry-leading application-level transactions per second
  • 70% lower TCO
  • 100% host utilization
  • 95% usable storage capacity
  • No hypervisor needed
  • Guaranteed QoS with no overprovisioning
Enterprise Features
  • Full-stack support
  • Production-grade SLAs
  • Secure multi-tenant isolation
  • Advanced DR/DP
  • On-premises availability zones and hybrid cloud support

Diamanti’s fully integrated Kubernetes platform gives your customers the performance, simplicity, efficiency, and enterprise features they need to get cloud-native applications to market fast.

Deploying a Kubernetes environment without Diamanti can mean investing money and time—weeks or even months of installation, integration, and testing. Even then, your customers lack the performance and reliability they need. But with Diamanti, they can deploy a complete enterprise-class container stack in 15 minutes—with compute, networking, storage, Docker, and Kubernetes fully integrated and supported.

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