Control Each Application Automatically with Tintri, So Your Customers Don’t Have To

What Does Tintri Have to Offer to Your Customers?

All-Flash Arrays

The Tintri All-Flash Array controls each application automatically, so your customers don’t have to. Tintri guarantees performance, crunches real-time analytics, and predicts future needs—all at the application level. And with the T1000 Array, remote offices and individual departments can experience Tintri too. Now your customers can rest easy.

Hybrid-Flash Arrays

Conventional storage doesn’t play nice with your customers’ applications. The Tintri Hybrid-Flash Array does. Tintri controls each of their applications automatically, so they can spend time and money on the strategic projects that matter. And when 99% of IO is delivered from flash, your customers get all-flash performance at a not-so-flashy price point.

Storage Management

Tintri Global Center (TGC) controls each of your customers’ applications automatically. Set policies for quality of service, cloning, snapshots and replication: all at the application level. Plus, Tintri treats up to 64 Tintri systems as a federated pool of storage, so they don’t get headaches from their data center.


Tintri Analytics helps your customers make the right decision. With cloud-based predictive analytics powered by Elasticsearch, they get visibility into every application right now, so they can troubleshoot in seconds. Plus, machine learning algorithms model every storage and compute need for up to 18 months into the future, based on their applications’ behavior.

Storage Scale-out

No more manual effort. Tintri treats up to 64 systems as a federated pool of storage, and underlying offload tech leverages Tintri replication to move VMs of any size or quantity in minutes. Plus, machine learning optimizes VM placement, so all your customers need to do is hit “execute.” Start with one 17 TB array and scale up to 40 PB with ease.


With Tintri’s wide range of products and integrations, your customers can realize the full potential of their virtualization ecosystem and / or enterprise cloud.

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