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If you’re like most IT orgs, you’ve already got several end users who have chosen to work remotely as part of their regular, everyday job. If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a Parallels Customer running Remote Application Server (RAS) to enable end users to run any windows apps on any device at any time.

But what about end users who may now HAVE to work remotely? End users that you DIDN’T purchase yearly subscription Parallels Licenses for. End users that work in accounting or marketing or other ON PREM departments that have LITTLE or NO experience working on your LEGACY applications REMOTELY?

Many orgs are now faced with the proposition that many or ALL of their knowledge workers may HAVE TO work remotely.

The problem is, you know you can’t add 1000 users to a yearly subscription – why add all those user for a YEAR when you just need user licenses to get you “over the hump” of the next 90 or 180 days?,

So you’re undoubtedly faced with a conundrum – how to I expand my remote work force:

  • Simply?
  • Quickly?
  • Without engaging in a whole other add on or upsell contract with my current licensing agreement?
  • Without blowing an IT budget out of the water?

Many of our customers have reached out with these concerns – asking us “How can I get access to 15/150/1500 extra RAS user licenses for the next few months?”

Parallels RAS is introducing a solution to meet your temporary REMOTE WORKER licensing needs.

Parallels is enabling our customers to purchase TEMPORARY, SELF EXPIRING RAS Licenses to our end users. These licenses will be manageable under your existing RAS console but will be SEPARATE from your existing subscription agreement.

What does this mean?

As an example – Let’s say you currently have purchased 50 RAS users in yearly subscription, and you want to add an additional 100 users for the next 90 or 180 days.

You can now PURCHASE a 90-day 0r 180-day EXPANSION License Pack for RAS to cover those additional users.

These licenses:

  • Will be assignable to your new, temporary remote workers.
  • Will NOT add time to your existing RAS contract
  • Will NOT auto renew.
  • Will AUTO-EXPIRE at the end of the 90 or 180 days.

Pricing for these licenses is simple.

  • 90 Day License – $24.75 per user
  • 180 Day License – $49.50 per user

It’s still the same Parallels RAS – all the features and functions you’re use to are included with this license – not the least of which are:

Full Disclosure – Parallels North America has made the decision to mandate our sales and sales support teams work remotely for the foreseeable future. So, we are experiencing the same challenges and concerns about business continuity – and that’s why we’ve devised this temporary, easy to implement solution for you to effectively increate the number of remote workers you have without engaging in a long process of license purchase, special discount pricing, coterms and cancellations after the crisis has passed.

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Derek Wyszynski
Director of Sales – AMER
Parallels, Inc.

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