Imperva Launches the Cyber Threat Index

Imperva announced the launch of a Cyber Threat Index, a new online information portal from the minds of our threat researchers at Imperva Research Labs.

The Cyber Threat Index is a high-level, monthly report and measurement of the global cyber threat landscape, across data and applications.It provides an easy-to-understand score that tracks the cyber-threat level consistently over time and observes trends. The data is also analyzed by industry and by country to provide further analytics and insights. The data used to create the Cyber Threat Index is proprietary and unique to Imperva.

Unlike many threat research reports that are one-time, annual, or quarterly reports, Imperva’s Cyber Threat Index is an online resource that updates monthly to provide fresh data and insights. Security professionals can dig down deeper into the data behind the score, drill-down to individual industries and countries, and also view historic index scores. They can compare their country and industry to others, and to the Cyber Threat Index in general.

Check it out here! Imperva Cyber Threat Index


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