StorageCraft OneXafe Solo PROMO! Don’t miss out!

For small businesses with simpler environments, StorageCraft OneXafe Solo 300 features a plug- and- play, compact appliance that’s extremely easy to deploy and manage all within a few simple steps: plug it in, connect to internet, and start protecting in minutes.

For a limited time only, StorageCraft is promoting their OneXafe Solo and offering it out at an amazing price. ShadowXafe – Supercharged data protection, OneXafe Solo – Plug and Protect.  OneXafe – Converged scale out storage and data protection,  Cloud Services™ – purpose-built offsite cloud solution

For more information on StorageCraft’s OneXafe Solo 300 get the datasheet HERE!

Promo ends this month!  Reach out to our sales team today for a quote!



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