Smartbear’s SwaggerHub: API Development collaborating form design to development

A common theme of late, is the need to work from home. For some companies this is old hat, but to others, it is new and chartered waters. While it may be as simple to obtain a remote access license to connect to your virtual network, in some instances connectivity, web traffic and API issues might rear their ugly head if it is not something an environment’s workload is prepared for. Fortunately, Smartbear is the expert in the business when it comes to testing, load balancing, collaborating, APIs, connectivity and more.

To enable work from home, more people are relying on digital devices and platforms to support these new remote capabilities. With this sudden influx, APIs are increasingly important to ensure the connectivity needed between web, mobile and cloud applications. As RESTful APIs grow in number, so do the programming languages that are used to implement them, making it harder for them to communicate. Smartbear’s Swaggerhub product allows your end users to both Design and Document all their REST APIs in One Collaborative Platform while being able to help streamline the documentation for RESTful APIs, allowing for continuous communication.

Collaboration is another feature of SwaggerHub in which teams can benefit as they have the need to contribute to projects remotely. The collaboration feature within this application allows multiple users to work together on the same API or domain and depending on the assigned role, collaborators can edit API definitions directly, or leave comments to discuss the changes. It also has the ability to connecting to development environments independent of their workspace. SwaggerHub integrates with external developer and API-related tools to allow the developer to connect their API definitions to an existing toolset. A list of supported integrations for SwaggerHub can be found here.

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