Imperva Sends Wells Wishes and Helpful Resources

The Imperva team wishes you good health and safety as the coronavirus outbreak continues to unfold.

It’s no news that we are facing unprecedented times in our personal lives and in our professional lives as well. With all these changes happening, Imperva is jumping in to provide some helpful resources.

  1. Imperva Research Labs shows a close correlation between the spread of COVID-19 and a significant shift in digital traffic
    • Read this blog for more information and get Imperva’s perspective on increased cybersecurity threats during this unprecedented time.
  2. Cybercriminals will be watching and targeting those industries with the highest traffic volumes.
  3. Ensure your customers have robust WAF and DDoS protection in place to remain resilient and stop attackers from bringing your business down at this critical time.
    • Watch Imperva’s Global DDoS Threat Landscape webinar, where CyberEdge and Imperva discuss the challenge and solution for organizations to undergo a digital transformation securely and with confidence.

For more information reach out to your Climb rep.

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