Replace Symantec with Sophos

More and more Symantec customers are moving to Sophos Intercept X. Here’s why:

Proven protection: Intercept X consistently gets top marks in third-party endpoint protection tests.

Unmatched defenses: With Sophos, your customers get features not available with Symantec, including:

  • CryptoGuard; The world’s best anti-ransomware protection
  • Exploit prevention: We block more exploit techniques than anyone else
  • Integrated EDR management: A single agent to detect, block, and analyze threats

Easier management: Customers can manage and protect all their devices through a single, cloud-native console.

Plus! Sophos is extending exclusive offers for Symantec customers looking to make the switch.

Sounds good? Find out more about moving from Symantec to Sophos and request your exclusive offer today.

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