Freshworks Partner Program offers a Partnership you can’t refuse!

About 10 years ago, Freshdesk started out with a team of 6 people in Chennai, India. The people who started the company were hell-bent on solving one thing in particular – bringing together all business-critical solutions under one roof.

Quick facts about Freshworks

  • 12 feature-rich and highly intuitive products
  • 225,000+ happy customers
  • Headquartered in San Mateo, California
  • Valued at $3.5 billion
  • Funded by the likes of Google Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Capital G, and Accel
  • A strong talent powerhouse of 3000+ employees based in 7 geo-locations
  • Three products on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant
  • #1 in customer satisfaction on G2 Crowd

Freshworks is one of the fastest-growing Saas companies in the world and is the address for the best customer experience. It is the most exciting company in the modern economy and in the enterprise space.

Most of this is achieved by forging great partnerships with exciting people across the world. Freshworks’ approach to the program was simple and is in line with their promise to their customers. They don’t sell customer experience, they embody it. Freshworks gives their partners complete attention, delivers value and genuinely care about their growing needs. Their partners stay with them not just because of the unique opportunities, growth, and profits but because the ecosystem promises to consistently deliver value.

However, it takes two to Tango. As any healthy partnership, Freshworks promises their partners they’ll do almost everything under the sun to build a strong and positive agency-client relationship.

Let’s talk business

Before we get into the intricate details of the Freshworks Partner Program, here’s a small gift for all the effort you’ve put in to get to know Freshworks. The first five partners who sign up for the program and complete our training program will receive $1000 American Express Gift Card.

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Understanding the Freshworks Partner Program Opportunity

Freshworks offers partners unique opportunities to profit and grow in the SaaS cloud space. With their multi-product customer engagement platform, Freshworks’ total addressable market is at $175 billion globally—one of the highest amongst SaaS companies across verticals. You can choose to sell, implement, customize or integrate Freshworks products, depending on what is best aligned with your business.

The Freshworks Partner ecosystem is evolving to keep pace with the maturing SaaS ecosystem and they are setting our their partners up for success by providing them the following opportunities:

  • Sales opportunities
    • Tap into cross-selling and upselling opportunities offered by ever-growing suite of products and meet revenue goals to earn recurring revenue over the lifetime value of the customer
  • Services opportunities
    • Provide at your own price service to your customer such as building integrations, onboarding, training
  • Opportunities from other programs
    • You can also join the other Freshworks Partner programs and thus drive revenue through referrals (referral program) or apps (technology program)

How Freshworks is support our their Partners

Supporting partners is their top priority. Select partners will have access to a wealth of resources which include marketing & sales collateral, access to events and promotions, exposure to their customer base, marketing development funds, demand gen, lead opportunity drives and much more. The idea is to expose their partners to a wide variety of programs that will improve business capabilities and help partners , help your prospects sign the dotted line.

Understanding Freshworks products

Freshworks 360

With Freshworks 360, you can sense and predict customer signals across the entire customer journey for greater lifetime value.

360° view on customer

  • Along the entire customer journey
    Different teams (marketing, sales, customer support, etc.) using different Freshworks products will see the entire customer history
  • Across all channels

Chat, Call, Email, Portal, Social Media, review websites, 3rd party messaging tools, etc. All channels come together seamlessly.

  • Freddy AI to enhance agent learning and customer experience

Freshworks Customer-for-life Cloud features Freddy AI, our incredibly easy to use AI/ML technology that brings the latest predictive power to any business.



Freshworks products are loved by experts and customers alike

Freshworks is the only new company to make it into the prestigious Gartner Magic Quadrant. This not only validates our their position as a market disruptor but confirms how refreshingly easy and valuable software can be in day to day scenarios.

Customers have only good things to say about them. G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business solution review platform, named Freshworks the industry leader in the CRM business while also calling us them the Best IT software solutions provider. With a 4.5 out of 5 star average across different products, Freshworks holds the #1 position in customer satisfaction.


G2 Grid acts as a competitor to Gartner’s magic quadrant review model.

Why customers prefer Freshworks?

 TLDR: Freshworks is better. And this is not coming from Freshworks, but their our 225,000+ customer base. They’ve fallen in love with Freshworks’ intuitive approach to products and their highly cost-effective approach to solutions. As their customers put it – ‘it’s a feeling you can’t dismiss’.

From the pleasant onboarding experience to a complete 360 overview of channels, Freshworks product features are extraordinarily superior to the competition. Couple that with transparent pricing policies and a 1000+ app rich Marketplace where synergy is never lost, Freshworks is here to always keep things interesting with game-changing innovation.

Partner with Freshworks

The Freshworks partner program is built to reflect versatility and flexibility. You could be a starter trying to find your way into the Saas business or an experienced reseller planning to tap into new regions and customer bases, Freshworks Partner Program will deck you up with insightful knowledge and learnings which address the 21st-century customer. It’ll bring you in close quarters with inquisitive customers and create outstanding outcomes.

Ready to join and explore the world of wow some possibilities?

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