How TeamViewer is helping businesses adapt and maintain employee productivity during a rapidly changing work landscape

With a growing number of people now #WorkingFromHome, companies are searching for software that can easily facilitate the transition from the office to employee’s homes. There are many factors to consider when looking at adopting a new solution or expanding an existing one.

It is critical that the solution you implement be easy to use for technicians and employees, reduce your costs and time, all while being secure, from end-to-end.

Insider Pro (link to article – points to TeamViewer in a recent article to explore the users experiences focused on ease of use, cost, security, and time savings.

One of their Users contacted, a CFO/COO at a healthcare company, told them that the setup process for TeamViewer “is totally simple. It’s as easy as it comes”! That is really what we strive for with our users. We want to ensure it is easy to setup for technicians or workers out of the office.

Another user, a network administrator who uses TeamViewer at a large construction company said “the remote connection process is super simple. As long as the user has an internet connection and can get on the internet somewhere, whether they are at home (on their Wi-Fi), using portable internet, or if they stop in a Starbucks to get on the internet, I can connect to them. That is what is really convenient”.

With TeamViewer:

  • Enable instant and highly secure access to corporate networks, systems and files from remote locations.
  • Collaborate online
  • Deploy thousands of devices seamlessly
  • Centrally manage and control outgoing or incoming connections
  • Integrate with leading ITSM and EMM platforms such as ServiceNow, Microsoft Intune, SalesForce, Zendesk, Freshworks, and more
  • Fully encrypted, end-to-end security
  • Support mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

If you or your customers are in an affected region and need to deploy a work from home solution securely and cost effectively, TeamViewer is your answer,

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