Introducing VIPRE SafeSend!

The healthcare industry has long been aware of misaddressed emails and data loss that can lead to HIPAA violations and fines. As COVID-19 places an even greater strain on medical back-offices VIPRE SafeSend can help.

VIPRE SafeSend is a simple Microsoft Outlook add-on that is used to prevent misaddressed email or inadvertent autocomplete email mistakes by requiring the sender to confirm external recipients and file attachments before their email can be sent. SafeSend also scans attachments for sensitive data and allows companies to build their own DLP rules.┬áVIPRE SafeSend is very scalable, easily deployed and doesn’t require a server.

Data leakage threats usually occur via email and most of them are accidental in nature, attributed to human error. According to research by IBM, 95% of all cybersecurity incidents globally involve some form of human error. The most common form of this is as simple as a misaddressed email.

VIPRE SafeSend allows channel partners to assist organizations in improving their compliance with federal regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, FINRA, GDPR and many more.

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