Discover the Security Essentials for Managing Your Remote Workforce with GFI Software

Right now, you have customers whose remote workers are using their own Wi-Fi networks to surf the web. At the same time, they’re accessing the company’s proprietary information. The security and privacy challenges are obvious.

Is your customers’ security toolkit comprehensive enough to meet the needs of their employees – reliable access to the network and the data on it – and the absolute requirement to keep that network and data safe and secure from external attacks?

Join us on May 20th for this live webinar to discover the essential security tools that your customers can use to help employees stay productive from home, while also protecting their network and proprietary information within it. You’ll learn about software solutions that are being used by more and more businesses every day.

  • A virtual private network (VPN) solution to centralize and manage remote access
  • A firewall solution to prevent unauthorized access to or from private networks
  • A user activity management solution to manage users’ time allocation while working from home
  • An anti-spam tool to defend against email spam and phishing attacks.

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