Win with Violin…. And Climb!

With the latest addition of VIOLIN Systems to Climb’s portfolio, we couldn’t be more excited to share in our partnership.

Regardless of your end users vertical or industry, VIOLIN has the answer to your customers’ complex storage needs. Their unique all flash storage architectural design delivers industry leading performance, scalability, reliability and manageability to maximize ROI and ensure success, no matter how dynamic the marketspace.

Not only does Violin offer a VDI Infrastructure solution that improves up time, increases scalability, improves performance, but their solution can lower costs while doing so. Their Quartet portfolio is developed from a vertically integrated design of software, hardware, services and support that enables the transition of legacy storage environments to an all-flash VIOLIN infrastructure and has the features that meet your customers’ needs. VIOLIN Systems offers resilient, scalable, mission critical flash infrastructure which is now a customer requirement to thrive in today’s digital economy.

So….Did we get your attention yet, but still wanting to learn more ways to Win with Violin?

Join them every Wednesday for VIOLIN System’s WIN WITH VIOLIN Series. You won’t be disappointed!

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 And you can always reach out to your Climb Representative today!

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