Discover StorageCrafts Q2 Promos and Incentives!

Rapidly adapt to the new remote workplace with OneXafe Solo: A True Plug-and-Play.

Exclusive Partner Offers! As many of you know, StorageCraft’s OneXafe Solo 300 is available at an amazing price!  On top of that, StorageCraft is extending additional promotions toward the Solo appliance from now until the end of June!

GET HOOKED! StorageCraft has created two promo programs for Solo- experience the differentiation and flexibility of the device. These programs are:

  • Discover NFR Program
  • Try, then Buy

What’s are the main differences between the two programs?

  • NFR (Discover) – Good for production, but meant only for use in the PARTNER environment
  • Try, then Buy – Good for use in an actual customer environment

In addition to these offers OneXafe Solo offers, StorageCraft has many more promos running until the end of June! Reach out to your Climb territory contact today  for more promos on areas from StorageCraft such as: OneXafe Solo, ShadowXafe and Cloud Services, Cloud Backup, SPX Loyalty Programs, ShadowXafe NFR Program, OneXafe and Cloud Cloud Services, and much more!

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