Manage Cloud Expenses with Wasabi

While cloud usage has surged in recent weeks, the financial impact of Covid-19 has many seeking lower cost cloud options, while others are reaching out to their cloud providers asking for financial relief. For start-ups and cloud-first organizations whose entire IT infrastructure is cloud based, “turning off cloud services” or “suspend their account and reopen it 30 days later” is fiscally prohibitive.

100 TB of data in AWS S3 costs $2,300 per month. The same amount of data in Wasabi costs $599. That’s 80% less and a difference of $1,700 per month. Customers would start saving money in just over a week.

This is where Wasabi’s partnership with Acembly pays dividends for organizations that want to migrate from AWS S3 to Wasabi. Customers can drag and drop millions of files from their S3 buckets to their Wasabi buckets. Just as important at cost savings, Acembly allows organizations to move over 20 million small files a day or speeds that surpass 10Gbps for large video files. This means that moving out of AWS to Wasabi can happen in a matter of hours days instead of weeks or months.

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