How to Monitor Your Customer’s Network from Home

The recent move towards remote work this past month has been nothing short of tremendous. In most cases, IT departments all over the world have just about worked miracles to get employees up and running.

What will help sysadmins ensure that systems are functioning as they should? How can they be alerted when a critical system is down? The answer is network monitoring.

PRTG monitors all the systems, devices, traffic, and applications in your customers’ IT infrastructure. PRTG Network Monitor keeps an eye on what your customers need to work remotely.

Here’s Paessler’s top three:

1. Bandwidth

Bandwidth remains key to how fast and effectively users can access and use services and applications. Low bandwidth could result in all kinds of issues that are detrimental to the remote workforce. In short, bandwidth is probably the most crucial element to monitor.

Looking for different ways to monitor your customer’s bandwidth? PRTG Network Monitor can help. Get started with PRTG Bandwidth Monitoring today.

2. The VPN

If your customers log into an environment through a Virtual Private Network, they need to be consistently sure that the VPN is functional. The key aspects to consider is the traffic in and out of the VPN, along with the number of connections. VPN monitoring is easy with PRTG’s Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Get started with PRTG VPN Monitoring today.

3. Teleconferencing Tools

There’s no doubt that the glue holding virtual teams together right now is online video meetings. Teleconferencing tools are the only way that teams can continue working as…well, teams.

PRTG can indirectly keep an eye on these tools for your customers. They can check on the service availability with an API in conjunction with PRTG’s REST Custom sensor  to get notifications when the service you make use of is down.

Get started with PRTG Monitoring for teleconferencing!

Monitoring from home with PRTG

Of course, there are also countless other items that your customers need to keep track of; the above are just some of the more important ones when a large part of businesses today work remotely. PRTG helps with it all!

How does it work?

The way that PRTG works is that your customers install a PRTG server in their environment, which then collects data from their devices’ infrastructure and network. Your customers can create dashboards and access them from anywhere—even from home!

PRTG also allows for the configuration of alerts and notifications to be sent to mobile devices. If your customers could benefit from PRTG while working remotely, give it a try! Paessler offers a 30-day trial and you can get started here.

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