SolarWinds Webcast On Demand – The Next Logical Step for IT: Learn Business

Think about your job in IT: you’re there to support the business. As a monitoring professional, this can take many forms: capturing bandwidth, processing RMAs, watching for system restarts, etc. When you really get down to it though, your job is to support the end users and their execution of business processes. But I ask you, is that what you’re monitoring?

In this on-demand webcast, learn about the importance of baselines and why “feelings” have no place in IT environments. We’ll also offer suggestions on ways to start the necessary discussions with various business units. For example, how can you enumerate the key metrics to business without a workflow of the business itself? Knowing whom to ask, and how to ask, the questions are more important than you think.

We’ll also show you how to use SolarWinds® Network Performance Monitor and Server & Application Monitor to poll (seemingly elusive) business information from your infrastructure, get the data you need to monitor, and present it in a way the business will understand and appreciate.

Find the Webcast Here –> The Next Logical Step for IT: Learn Business

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